Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Postcard!

I made my first Postcard. I am so excited. I found the image of the girl and decided to tint her myself. Then I found the Image of music and this Quote from Shakespeare, and It all just came together. I liked the size of the Postcard. It presented it's own challenge of filling it up but not putting too much on it to take away from any one thing.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

House Inchie

Nancy from Small world of Inchies and Twinchies hosts a challenge. This week is Home Sweet Home. Nancy was wanting us to show what coming home means after vacation. Well Home always means to me time with my Family. So I wanted that to come across in the Inchie. I didn't take an Inchie and add a roof to it. I cut it out of the Inchie so it did make it smaller. I do like how it turned out.
This is the inside of the Inchie! I love this picture of this family. I got it for Art-e-ology. I love this blog there are so many fun Images on this site.
Stop by and visit Nancy at her blog. Stop by and visit Art-e-ology and take a look around at all the fun stuff there.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Special Delivery!

I got this awesome fun picture from one of my Favorite people in Blog Land! Susie Jefferson's blog 1st Floor Flat. I love her blog it is so full of freebies and techniques and other fun, and Fabulous things! So stop by and visit her!

When I saw this Picture, I knew what I wanted to do with him! I thought make him a Modern Day Stork with a Special Delivery!!! I really couldn't get over their expressions! They really look like they are thinking" OK! Hurry up and just take the Picture!
I picked this photo, for the fact of how amazing a Double Rainbow is! I thought that it is equally amazing having a little one around the house!

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Stereo-optic Card Freebie!

I love this Card! I love the quote on the Card! "I won't give you another Bite" That is such a typical sibling attitude! I got this with my other collection of postcards! So click on the Picture and then right click to "Save As" and it is yours!
Let me know if you do something with this! I love to see others art! I am planning on trying to find more images that I can use to start a challenge every week. So hopefully I will be able to soon!
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