Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I know it has been a long time, since I posted anything on my blog. I have been trying to get Miss Lily all healthy. She was in the hospital, and had to have 2 blood transfusions. I blogged about it on my New Blog "The Rusty Tiara Home". I imported my "Livin With Hoosiers" blog posts and comments over to the New blog. I hope you will stop by and check it out. I also started a Facebook Page for "The Rusty Tiara". I need to get 25 "likes", before Facebook will let me keep the name on Facebook. So if you could pop on over and "Like" it for me, that would be great.! I am hoping to open my ETSY store soon also. I am really hitting the ground running, I am going to really devote my time to getting my blogs going and opening my ETSY, and get it going.

Well I have been busy creating things all over my house. The house I moved into when I first moved back to Indiana, had mold and was making everyone really sick. So I have moved into a house that has twice the space and for the same price. Well with all this room, and wall space I have been trying to make the space mine.

This is one of the first projects, I used the Dress template from Stampington. I used canvas board and acrylic paints for the background of the pieces. I used pearl paint and dry brushed over the background color. Dry brushing is where you dip a dry brush into paint then wipe it off and brush it over the surface. It really gives a great effect.

So I found frames at my local Goodwill and sprayed them with flat black paint. I took the glass out and inserted the canvas board, then hung them over my closet in my bedroom. I totally love them. I love going into my closet and seeing them over the door.
They make me smile! :)
Thank You for stopping by! Please come back soon to see what I have been up to!
Have an amazing Day!