Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For The Love of Shoes!

I did a post about this project on my other blog. I wanted to post a bit about it on Rusty too. I found these Awesome templates at Michael's for $.99, for a package of 10. Well I didn't want to use them so I traced it out on a cereal box. They had a bunch of different shapes there for very inexpensive. I also found this fun site. Now it is to make little books for little kids to make their own stories to practice writing. I love that you can make them whatever size you want. They would make wonderful Templates. So that is exactly what I want to do with them! Here is the Link.
This is the shoe cut out of the cereal box!
I had this scrapbook paper for a while. When I was looking for paper to use for the Shoe it really hit me that this is the perfect one. It is very Lilly Pulitzer-esk I think! So I used glitter glue for the swirls and flowers. Then I used Fairy glitter for the high heel.

Then I used foam mounting tape to put it in the frame and hang it on my wall. I thought it turned out really nice. I really like working with templates. I am in the middle of working with a shoe template that i was inspired by The Wizard of Oz, is all I am going to say. I am almost done with it. So hopefully I will post it very soon.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Giveaway!

I am having a 100th Post on my other blog! So if you would like to enter to Win it then just hop on over to my other blog and enter! Hope to see you over there. I am going to have more things posted soon of the fun things I have been working on lately!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chocolate Postie!

It has been awhile since my last post. Matt's job got eliminated and 140 other salaried people lost there jobs. So I moved back up to Indiana, 3 days before Christmas. It was a crazy time. I love my new house. I talk all about it on my blog Livin' With Hoosiers! I changed the name. Well I am not Livin' With Peaches anymore.

This is my Image I used. I love this Image of this little girl shoving Chocolates in her mouth! I am telling you I am right there with her! Well I had tons of Valentine Rub ons I got on Clearance from Michael's Last year. I purchased them for like 60 cents! It was a great deal. So I put the phrase "Chocolate, Just one more". I felt it was only fitting!

Thank You for stopping by! I am getting unpacked and settled and Ready to Create! So stop back by soon and see what trouble I get myself into. The plus of my new house, is that I set up a whole studio set up in my huge basement!

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