Monday, April 13, 2009

Fairy At The Waters Edge

I am so excited this is my first real Post on my new Blog! This picture of this little girl I found 3 years ago at my favorite antique mall where I use to live in Virginia. I was captivated by her Attitude. I had to have her! This is a color copy of the picture of her then I cut her out. The wings are from a butterfly that was on scrapbooking paper. I used color pencils and glitter glue and then glued on the wings. I then scanned in my creation, and overlayed it onto this beautiful picture of a forest path that I had applied a waters edge to. Then I saved it and now I am sharing it with you! I Love the juxtaposition of the creation against the vibrant Natural Picture!
I had so much fun creating this and am looking forward to creating more things!
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I am hoping this blog can turn into an exchange of ideas, and inspiration, and creation.

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Noodle said...

Hi! I stumbled onto your blog via V and Co, I believe - I enjoyed seeing your fairy creation. You love to read like I do!
Best of Luck with your New Blog!

Denise said...

Beautiful!!! You are talented!!!