Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inchies And Twinchies!

I am not sure how exactly how I came upon Nancy's Blog. I usually am out trying to find new blogs to look at all the time. I have been fascinated by the concept of Inchies and Twinches. Now I am finding the Inchie a little intimidating. I am still working on my first one. Well My First Twinchie seemed a bit easier. Well I hope you like it! So pop on over to Nancy's blog it is so cool.

{Click the Pic to see Nancy's blog}
Here is my very First Twinchie! Now A Twinchie is a 2 inch square. I fell in love with this girls pout. I found it on one of the free image sites. I am a sucker for a cute Pout! I thought the word believe fit. The word is actual a piece of Metal. I wanted a bit of subtle color and a bit of brightness to draw you to her face. I used the little flower I made with a brad to do that.

I Hope You Enjoy! Come Back Soon!


RobinfromCA said...

Those are so much fun! The last thing I have time for is a new hobby but I can certainly enjoy someone else's! Thanks for sharing!

RobinfromCA said...

You've got a deal on the book discussion! I have a book addiction. Old, new, they call my name. I belong to two book sites. One called Shelfari and another called Goodreads. I use Shelfari more. I'm also involved in two book challenges right now in blogland. My bookshelves runneth over!

I love your twinchie. Little two inch scrapbook artworks. They would look adorable on the front of cards!


Susie Jefferson said...

Sweet! Love her expression - is she going to have a tantrum, burst into tears ... or kick the goldfish? A proper little madam!

missy k said...

Great first twinchie... love the colours you've used - it all works so well together.

Don't give up on the inchies! Check out Inchy by Inch a weekly challenge blog - they are lots of fun!!!!

Lovely blog btw!

ps guessing you love fairies? They are great, specially your son as superman:)


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Very cool creation! :)

Nancy Dooren aka Nans said...

I love your 1st twinchie!!! So soft and sweet!!! great job!